Case Study: The Go Ahead Garage

  1. How would you suggest the garage sets about evaluating its ideas?

A business idea can be evaluated by asking yourself the following questions (Entrepreneur, 2016). These questions and there answers could prove vital in evaluating the ideas that have been produced after the brainstorming at the Go-Ahead garage.

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of implementing the ideas?
  2. Does these ideas correspond to any exact problems that are identified in the garage?
  3. What are the short and long term advantages of each idea?
  4. What is the level of complexity of the implementation of the different ideas?
  5. Are there any alternative and more feasible solutions to the ideas brainstormed?
  6. Would the implementation of the idea be appreciated by the customers?
  7. How long would it take to implement the solutions that are provided in the idea?

Answers to question like above and more would clarify the durability of the different ideas and suggest workable ideas.

  1. Can you improve on the ideas suggested, evaluate all the ideas and make some positive recommendations?

I would like to make recommendation to improve some of the ideas that are listed after the brainstorming session at Go-Ahead garage. Idea number 2 suggests to charge in line with the competitors. I would say that a differentiation strategy should be applied here. The prices should be set bellow the competitors. This would attract more customers. I would like to further improve idea number 10 by recommending specialized trainings to the staff members in regards to the way they deal and communicate with the customers. Idea 12 suggest do it yourself facilities. I would like to disagree with this idea. This could cause harm to the customers if they are trying something on their own which would result in legal and financial liabilities for the garage.