What steps can organizations take to improve promotion satisfaction, supervision satisfaction, and coworker satisfaction?

Consider the five core job characteristics (variety, identity, significance, autonomy, and feedback). Do you think that any one of those characteristics is more important than the other four? Is it possible to have too much of some job characteristics?

All the three forms of satisfaction are related to each other. We could say that they are interdependent on each other. For example an environment of trust is built in a company in which all employees are treated equally and provided equal opportunities would result in a high level of motivation for supervisors and other employees. As the environment would be respectful and trustful, coworkers would be able to effectively communicate and feel satisfied when they resolve conflicts by mutual understanding of the rights and point of views of each other.

I think that autonomy is more important than the other four as with autonomy, an employee would feel recognized and motivated towards his duties.

I think you can have too much of variety, one of the job characteristic.