Prior to reading this chapter, would have you made a distinction between groups and teams? After reading this chapter, has your position changed, and if so, how?

Think about a highly successful team with which you are familiar. What types of task, goal, and outcome interdependence does this team have? Describe how changes in task, goal, and outcome interdependence might have a negative impact on this team.


Prior to reading this chapter, I have had confusion between the difference between groups and teams. With this chapter, some of the confusions are cleared while others still remain for example how is the goal of a team and a group different.

I was the captain of my schools hockey team and the team became the district champion due to a really good coordination between the team members and the mutual trust that we had between us. We used to decide a common plan and get everything worked out according to it which was the fundamental of winning. If we had any misunderstanding in the plan, I think that we won’t have become district champions.