Research on genetic influences on personality suggests that more than half of the variation in personality is due to nurture—to life experiences. What life experiences could make someone more conscientious? More agreeable? More neurotic? More extraverted? More open to new experiences?

The characteristics are from the Big Five Personality Test. I think that different experiences at your family and early childhood can affect your personality. For example if you get chances to express your feelings, you would be extrovert. If you don’t, you might develop conscientiousness or/or agreeable.


What roles do learning, education, and other experiences play in determining a person’s abilities? For which type of ability—cognitive, emotional, or physical—do these factors play the largest role?

We learn from our environment and surrounding. If we have a good learning environment, we would have the capacity to resolve our general life problems. The same is if we get a good education, we would have a better ability at the skills that we learn through education. I think that all cognitive, emotional and physical abilities are effected by our experiences, education and learning.