Description of theory X and theory Y

Theory X

Theory X is based upon the assumptions of average workers doing work in the management. In theory X, the management styles are discussed to find the average performance of the workers in the management company it shows that some employees have no ambition in their life and some feel uncomfortable to take the responsibilities regarding their workplace. The theory X denotes the management style of doing work by the workers. It shows that the employees are less intelligent than the managers, lazier than the managers and works only to gain income, not for the development of the company. Due to these assumptions theory, X denotes that all actions should be traced and the good employee and responsible individual will be rewarded according to the given output. These managerial styles are very effective for the workplace if used properly by the management.

According to the Douglas Mcgregor, there are two opposite approaches to implementing the theory X these are: The Hard Approach and the soft approach.  The hard approach is influenced by close supervision and immediate punishment. This approach can potentially yield workforce that could be harder for the management. The soft approach is literally opposite to the harder approach because it implements the soft rules on the management it is less strict according to the harder approach. It implements the system that is too soft for the workplace and gives low output to the management.

Theory Y

Theory Y  implements that people who work in the management are highly motivated, love their work in the organization and works better to give better performance to the company and earns direct rewards for their efficient work. Theory Y employees are the most valued resources to the company and really drive the internal work done by the employees. Theory Y implements that the type of employees may take responsibility to do the better work and give better performance to the management.Theory Y managers gravitate on the better work done by the employees. Theory Y followers have the better relationship with their top management as well as have the healthier and good atmosphere at the workplace. Managers in this theory use a democratic type of leadership because the workers are working better in the workplace that needs no supervision.

The difference between Theory X and Theory Y

In comparison to theory, X theory Y gives a more democratic environment to its employees to do better work and allowing them to design, construct and publish their work promptly in co-ordinance their workload and projects. A study was done to analyze the different managerial facts that are used in the company. Theory X has to give harder impact on the employees in the management as compared to the theory Y. Theory X denotes different approaches to their employees one is harder approach, and the other is soft approach but n theory Y the employees can perform their task in a democratic way and includes own facts and ideas in the work performance  do better work and give better results to the management theory Y managers have felt from any type of burden as compared to the theory X managers. Theory Y employees can come ahead to take the responsibility to complete the task, and the Theory X employees can fear to take any responsibility to face the problem. Theory X employees can do their work with the direct supervision by their methods and techniques, and the Theory Y employees can do their work without any direct supervision and induced their own working techniques in that work to give better results to the management. So this is the comparison between theory X and theory Y. The comparison tells us that the theory Y is more effective than the theory X  because the theory Y gives less burden as compared to the Theory X.

If my friend implements Theory X style of management, then I would give him only one suggestion to implement Theory Y style of management because theory Y is better than the Theory X. Theory X gives less motivation to their employees, and theory Y  gives more motivation to its employees and gives better democratic environment to their employees so that they can do their task without any burden and also gives effective and accurate results to the management by creating their own ideas, designs, and views relating to that task. Theory Y managers give a direct reward to their employees for their better performance and better work done by them, whereas theory X managers give burden to their employees and afraid to see that task and get less motivated to perform the task in a better way. Theory Y employees can do their task without the instructions given under direct supervision; they can perform their work own by facing and taking the responsibilities and comes ahead to perform that task in a better way. However, in theory, X, employees worked under the pressure and burden given under the direct supervision. So; I would suggest implementing Theory Y style of management to my friend for better results.


Overall the theory Y generally proves to be most effective in terms of the work. The managers and supervisors have complete control and can motivate the employees that are working in the management. Theory Y produces the better management system in more systematic and efficient workflow. So the theory Y could be implemented in the work that is of more quantity and higher quality which brings and gives more profit to the management.