Describe your inventory policy. Analyze if it’s affective or not. What suggestions could you give other students?

To answer this question try to think about the following: Do any of you purchase in bulk at a price club? How do you purchase for an upcoming party that you will be hosting? Does any of your food ever spoil? Do you visit the grocery store on a periodic basis or when you run out of something? When you go, do you try to stock up on all regular items in the same trip?

Inventory policy

Well this discussion provided me an opportunity to analyze my shopping and how I keep my inventory of different items. I had never thought of my shopping as a process that results in addition to my household inventory.

I personally do bulk shopping not only for parties but also for my household items. I may go to the super store 3 to 4 times a week and make a list of different items at home. Then I buy enough items for 7 to 10 days. I do not go back shopping unless I have exhausted 70 to 85% of my inventory of different items. And yes, sometimes I do make more than I need purchase of vegetables which then I rotten and I have to throw away.