Describe your dream job and then provide a list of the types of stressors that you would expect to be present. Is the list dominated by challenge stressors or hindrance stressors? Why do you think this is?

Think about the dream job that you described in the previous question. How much of your salary, if any at all, would you give up to eliminate the most important hindrance stressors? Why?

My dream job is to become a teacher at a school. There would be a variety of stressors while teaching in a school. For example I would need to deal with different types of students with different intellectual levels. I would also need to deal with the parents of these children and discuss different issues related to the progress of their children. Schools have administrations and their internal politics. Dealing with it could also be not that easy as different groups would expect me to be on their side on different issues.

I will definitely give up my salary to eliminate hindrance stressors as it would help me make my life easier.