Define locus of control. Differentiate between the beliefs of external and internal locus of control.  

Locus of control is how much individuals trust that they have control over the result of occasions in their lives, rather than outside strengths outside their ability to control (Hou, Doerr, Johnson, & Chen, 2017).

Internal versus External Locus of Control

Individuals who construct their accomplishment in light of their work and trust they monitor their life have an inward locus of control. Interestingly, people who property their prosperity or inability to outside impacts have an outer locus of control.

For instance, suppose you’re a man with an internal locus of control, and you get an advancement at work or accomplish some other sort of progress. You most likely characteristic that actual final product to the work you put in. As it were, your prosperity was an immediate consequence of your diligent work.

On the off chance that, then again, you have an external locus of control, you may property that advancement or accomplishment to external or ecological variables, for example, good fortune, destiny, timing, other individuals or some excellent mediation.