Which would be more damaging in organizational life–being too trusting or not being trusting enough? Why do you feel that way?

Putting yourself in the shoes of a manager, which of the four justice dimensions (distributive, procedural, interpersonal, informational) would you find it most difficult to maximize? Which would be the easiest to maximize?

I think that being too trusting would be too damaging than being not trusting enough. I would like to discuss it with respect to my culture. People in my culture are not that efficient in doing their work and need constant supervision to perform their duties. So if you simply leave them alone and trust them that they will perform their duties, they may not be as efficient as one might expect them to be.

I think that maximizing information justice may be the hardest to maximize as it deals with information sharing. Not everyone can be trusted with information sharing. The easiest would be procedural as procedural justice would be easy as rules and regulations related to process should be shared among employees.