Case Study: where did they  get their ideas from?

 Theories of creativity

There has been some good examples of how historical geniuses came up with the ideas that provided them with an identity that well be remembered for ever. In my opinion, “The Cognitive Theory of Creativity” can explain all the cases that are discusses. As it is explained by this theory of creativity that the main ingredient in a person’s creative thinking is the ability to remember the incidents witnessed for short or long term. Events are stored in our mind selectively i.e. there are things that we are interested in and the brain stores it. On the other hand there are things that are present as a form of stimulus from the environment but our brain or mind does not bother to store them for a long time. The mechanism of the thinking process is deeply involved about our perception, attitude, thinking process, decision making and other higher and lower mental processes.

For all the scientist, we see in common that they were keenly interested in what they observed in the real world or in the case of Kekule, from what he saw in his dream. These scientist or in full control of their creative capability (Dietrich, 2004). The scientific ideas that arrive in their mind are not spontaneous.   Lawrence saw two boys playing and the sound of hitting the sea-saw and its listening by the other kid on the other end by pressing close his ear. This was already aware of the mechanism of the heartbeat. He compared the observations that he made about the actions of the boys to what he actually knew about the beating sound the heart made and came up with the idea of the stethoscope. In the same way Westinghouse, Kekule, Rutherfor and Einstein used their observation over a period of time and the schemas they already had in their mind and made discoveries.

Receptivity and Immersion

In all the great scientists of all times we see some behaviors that are common. These great minds have a great capacity to receive the external stimuli. They are great observer and have the ability to see the world from an angle that others can’t see. In the same way they have a greater capacity of deeply mentally involvement or Immersion in unfolding the mysteries of the universe. Their cognitive capacity to process information is much capable than the ordinary people.