Assume that you applied for a job and were asked to take a personality test, like the one offered by Kronos. How would you react? Would you view the organization with which you were applying in a more or less favorable light? Why?

I would feel good about it I guess. This would mean that the people they have already hired have passed the personality test and I would a chance to work with people with good personalities.

Research on genetic influences on personality suggests that more than half of the variation in personality is due to nurture—to life experiences. What life experiences could make someone more conscientious? More agreeable? More neurotic? More extraverted? More open to new experiences?

I also think that genetics have a high influence on the personality of a person. The fact that we learn from experiences is over exaggerated in my opinion. For example if loot at my personality, I have less agreeability. This is not something I have learned from the environment. It think it’s due to the fact that most of the people in  my family are like this and they share the same gene.