WWI – British promise, pledges, and plans

The British had three main plans in their bid of World War One. The first plan of the British was t successfully unite the Allied troops and Defeat Germany in a decisive world battle. While these plans were taking place and were underway, several other plans were being take into consideration, given the circumstances of the situation that presented itself to the British at the time. The second plan was more focused upon destroying r capturing the Turkey homeland so as to drive Turkey out of World War One, and, in turn, defeat the Ottoman Empire in the battle. Ottoman Empire were seen as the sick man of World War One and were expected to be quite useless at war and quite easy to defeat. This was not the case and the preparations of Britain to send Australian and New Zealand troops into Turkey saw a slaughter take place of the same troops, who were then pushed away and thrown out later in 1916. This brought the third plan into action for the British. Britain had now begun to make promises to both Jews and the Arabs in order to gain their support as they held quite a stronghold opposition against both Germany and the Ottoman Empire respectively. Jews were supported in their cause for a homeland in Palestine by the British while the Arabs were promised to be made king of all the Arab states, while this was all false hope.