What is the epistemology?

Epistemology refers to the methods and methodologies of how people come to know ab out a particular topic or how people begin to understand a particular concept. Basically, epistemology is the concept of being able to understand as to how one acquired a set of knowledge and how this knowledge came into existence out of ordinary beings. The structuring of basic concepts and the way these structuring are organized are all part of epistemology. Moreover, the validity and reliability of a certain piece of knowledge as well as the nature of this certain piece of knowledge are all part of epistemology. Now, many may think that epistemology is not that important for people around the world after all. However, epistemology is important for every individual ad groups of individuals around the world. Epistemology allows people to understand as to how they come to know about a certain piece of information and whether or not, such people can believe in this kind of information or not. Epistemology distinguishes the truth from the false by discussing as to how two pieces of information can be categorized differently simply because they have different resources and concepts placed upon them. Therefore, it becomes clear that epistemology is the basic fundamental of all knowledge and research that has ever been done in this world. From the transformation of human beings into the modern technological era that has transpired, everything that exists, and every piece of literature that is created, is based upon the concept of epistemology.