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Over the years, there has been a lot of wrongdoing that has presented itself toward the common public in Africa. There have been crimes, increasing terrorism, and loss of faith in humanity altogether. IT is a serious problem that no one else is ready to feel about and no one else cares to know about. This is because the manipulation of the world falls into play in similar manners all the time. However, this goes on to suffice that there is a serious problem with the nations of Africa. Not only do they suffer an increase in crime and violence, not only do they face social abandonment, but they are also on the verge of living with death as a friend due to the fact that they have insufficient education and constant deprivation of water and other minerals that are necessary for nutrition of a human being, especially among children.

Audience Relevance

Since many of us gathered today don’t really know much about the position of Africa in terms of water and education, I have taken the foremost liberty of educating you so that you can feel for the African public and understand what crucial circumstances they have gone through, and continue to suffer from as we speak in this session.

Speaker Credibility

My credibility is the fact that I am known for my integrity and honesty when it comes to talking about facts and basing problems and their causes on facts. I am known for finding adaptive solutions and for finding premises that do not lead to falsified facts or news.

Thesis (Make it concise and consistent with the restated thesis)

Africa is known for the indecency that it suffers from and the lack of intellectuality that persists in the continent. However, this paper will focus on the deficits and problems caused in providing lack of water and no to minimum education at most within the nations of the continent. It will be discussed as to what the causes of these two problems are and how these two problems can be solved eventually.


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The fact that the deprivation of water leads to malnutrition and the deprivation or lack of education leads to all time low rates of literacy is fact to be aware about and to be concerned about. This is the 21st century and nations are not supposed to have populations living in the Stone Age. People need to be educated and if their nations or governments cannot afford the budget, people should care and donate for such circumstances so as to raise educational levels and diminish the possibility of malnutrition within the continent.

Transition to first main point

So let us proceed to discussing the problems that arise in such circumstances within the continent.


Main Point 1: Problems

Sub point 1: Problem 1

The first point that needs to be discussed is the fact that the country suffers from a number of issues which can be related to malnutrition and other diseases simply because the bodies of children and many other adults are not dehydrated enough to cope with such circumstances. The problem is that many children and adults are suffering from a lack of provision of water within their region, causing the people to get sick of diseases that are relevant to malnutrition and similar in effects to diseases that occur only when people have a lack of water in their bodies (Mutanga, Simelane, & Pophiwa, 2013). This also leads to numerous other problems, such as heat strokes which cause severe losses in the lives of the people and also causes them to feel like they have abruptly come to an end in their limitations and exercising techniques.

Sub point 1: Problem 2

The second problem is the fact that most of the children that suffer from the loss of water also suffer from severe distress in the manner that they are left illiterate and cannot learn much about the way life is meant to go and how people are supposed to connect with other people, interact with them, learn about things in life, and so on (Hicks, 2007). This is because there is a severe lack of education and many people often do not understand as to how the lack of education primarily occurred. However, it becomes relevant that education is something that literally does not exist in some parts of the continent and has not prevailed for generations, no matter how well educated the rest of the world might have become.

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Obviously, now people must be thinking as to how such problems raised and caught up in such extreme measures in the first place. Many must be thinking as to how education did not prevail in some parts of the continent for generations and why no one has taken any action to do anything about such problems. The causes will therefore, now be discussed with brief detail.

Main Point 2: Causes

Sub point 1: Cause 1

The causes may seem numerous for the problems but they are limited and very effective in nature. The cause for lack of water and malnutrition in much of the continent is the fact that the economy of the continent is nothing but seamless waste for the people and government of the continent. They do not of anything to let prosperity come in the region. Instead, people turn toward violence to benefit their own, inciting violence in the region. Furthermore, the government are also not capable enough of allowing their own monetary funds to allow proper supply of water throughout the region (Calas & Martinon, 2010). There is no scarcity of water in the continent, just ill-managed development of supply routes to the various people of the continent who are left without any water to drink for days and weeks, forced to hunt on their own and forage for water on their own, forcing them to envisage the culture of the Stone Age.

Sub point 2: Cause 2

When there is lack of nutrition and people do not have enough property or money to fund water supplies, how can they supply money to build educational systems and produce literacy among the people of the continent. Also, the fact that the people feel and adapt themselves to the living ways of the Stone Age, many believe that living in the Stone Age is much more beneficial for them than it is for normal people who don’t really care mocha about the way people educate themselves. This also leads the people of Africa into believing that education is not important since they are still breeding, surviving diseases through their own practices, culture, and religion, and are in content with the fact that they are still living on even though generations have passed on since the people of Africa were impoverished in such manners.

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This means that there must be ways to solve such problems and that brings us to the solutions.

Main Point 3: Solutions

Sub point 1: Solution 1

The first problems that will receive solutions is the problem of lack of water in Africa since life is greater than education. This is because if there is no life or willingness of people to live their lives, their will be no one to educate in the region that is being talked about. In Africa, people first need to be brought adequate supplies of water. For this, proper channels need to be used in the manner that water is provided in pipelines which are distributed across the continent. The financing for this pipeline can easily be generated from donations as little as a dollar if many people from around the world are willing to pay just a dollar for the construction of such pipelines. (you should suggest a specific action such as kickstarter fund)

Sub point 2: Solution 2

The second solution would be for education, being generated in the same way as the solution for the first problem, which is the lack of water in the region. The financing through donations and large charity funds can easily make it possible for the formulation of such solutions to become imaginable and possible in reality and so as to educate people through the construction of numerous schools, colleges, and universities across the continent.  (You should mention a specific charity)

Transition and signal closing

Therefore, the problems, causes of the problems, and solutions to the problems have been thoroughly been discussed. It goes as to say that the conclusion can be quite predictive, since many of you people may be realizing what this speech was all about and what it directed you to do.


There have been many ups and downs in Africa, but the problems that persist can be solved and it is not necessary to ignore the problems, thinking that they would go away since they won’t as they will persist as they have for previous generations.

Restate Thesis

There is a lack of education and water supply in Africa but it cannot be ignored and it can be resolved.

Review Main Points

The main points of this speech were the fact that education and water supply are essential for civilizations, and the civilization of Africa is suffering from both problems at once, which tends to the question that such problems need to be resolved as quick as possible.

Memorable Closer

Hence, after all that has been said and done, I solemnly believe that the people today will care to listen to what I had to say, shared their opinions along with me, and I hope that people take action that is necessary so as to curb such disastrous problems to the continent of Africa, and in short, to the civilization of Earth in return.


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