What is consensus give an example?

Consensus is the meaning that refers to a group of people coming up with a mutual decision after discussing it for a long period of time. Consensus usually arises after a long time since debates are held between people and arguments take place so as to see what the benefits and disadvantages of particular discussions and decisions may be within the long run. Consensus takes place within the elderlies of communities or within the leaders of a community and are often unpleasant due to the fact that they incite rage and anger to take place before a decision arrives that is acceptable by almost everyone. Moreover, a consensus also related to the opinion of a common group of people that has been created by the group after coming to terms with accepting this opinion throughout the same kind of people. Consensus, therefore, refers to the representation of one opinion throughout a group of individuals within the society. An example of consensus would be the shared opinion of passing a bill throughout the congress in the United States of America. Without a genuine consensus upon a bill, it cannot be passed. This means that the general consensus refers to the majority of people within the congress sharing the same opinion about the bill and then realizing that they should pass it as they all feel the same opinion about it. Furthermore, this example can be more detailed in the manner that without a mutual consensus, no goal can be properly achieved.