Compare and contrast 19th century with 20th century Westernizers

The 20th Century westernizers saw reforms and took to the streets in terms of protesting and revolting to the monarchist states that had taken rule over the new Arab states, which had formed after the end of World War One. Such monarchist rule was thwarted by the 20th Century westernizers so as to bring about more control of Middle Eastern Regions under Western influence. In this way, the Western influence was brought in to bring the nations’ control and resources under indirect control of the Western nations in the world, typically the Allied nations from World War One. They compare to the 19th Century Westernizers in the way that in the 19th Century, Ottoman Empire did have Westernizers who were adamant on bringing Western influence into the empire. Such people were known as the Young Ottomans, who brought about more military and strategic control to the Ottoman Empire through the Western influence upon the Ottoman Military. Hence, it becomes clear that the main similarities in both 19th Century and 20th Century Westernizers is the fact that both generations wanted to bring in Western Influence into the region that was covered by the Ottoman Empire, and later by the Arab States that were present after the cessation of the Ottoman Empire. However, the differences of both generations of the Westernizers is the fact that 19th Century Westernizers were loyal to their cause and only brought Western influence to improve the stability and defenses of the region while the 20th Century Westernizers brought in Western influence to destabilize the region.