Essay: Civilization

The origin of civilizations can be seen as far back as in 3500 BC when the first civilizations began to appear on Earth, when it was more of a one connected land rather than separate pieces of land on Earth. It is at this given time when human being started to gather the idea that they should live in small groups of people, referring to modern day societies. This allowed the entire focus of the people to go towards living together and following a specific set of rules and guidelines that were made for that particular group of people.

Civilization refers to the societal background that a culture represents. There have been numerous civilizations in the world and each civilization has represented an era of people who have lived in the same region, followed the same norms and values, ad have carried the legacy of one another together. Specific historical examples would include several other propositions that would allow the concept of civilization to become apparently clear.

The first example of civilization would be the Hellenistic civilization, which ruled earth in the closing years of BC. These civilizations refer to the kingdom that was built by Alexander the Great. Here, the civilization was much of Greek literature and culture. The Hellenistic kingdoms were city states that were represented by non-Greeks yet they had existed with Greek culture amongst them. Another civilization would be the Pharaoh civilization of Egypt, which was by far the most concrete civilization of its time. It refers to all the textures, and sculptures as well as infrastructure that was built along the Nile River for centuries. The monarchy that was set upon the Pharaoh civilization was one of peace that had successors follow one another, without much