Canakule 1915 (the film)

The film, namely Canakule 1915, follows the story of the Gallipoli campaign that begin within the World War One, and saw the focus of the war shift a little from the Western front to the Eastern Front, where the Ottoman Empire defended its own homeland and empire by fighting off the oncoming amphibious and land invasion at the strait of Gallipoli. The campaign was a means of avoiding to lose the strait, which was seen as the main naval entrance to the Russian Empire, a nation that was on the Allied side of the war at the time. The invasion was expected to be swift and steady as the Ottomans were seen as mere representatives of the war and subtly weak in their tactics. However, the Gallipoli Campaign stretched over six months after which the campaign ended in favor of the Ottoman Empire. This glorious victory was also known as the last stronghold defense of a crumbling empire since the Ottoman Empire had been long in a economic and political decline due to its old methods and systems, which were outdated and could not physically or mentally support the advancements that were rapidly taking place and escalating on a daily basis within the empire. Moreover, the Gallipoli campaign is also famous in the world simply because the campaign focuses on the first major defeat that the Allies faced in the wake of World War One and how Australian and New Zealanders saw that their independence had become imminent and important at the same time.