Think of some real world examples in which solving or identifying algebraic expressions would be necessary or useful. Explain your examples.

There could be different types of real world examples where the use of algebraic expressions might be important or even considered to be necessary.  A very good example in this regard is when we are trying to compare different types of things with each other using some sort of a variable.  For example, we might have one type of a variable which could be the maximum amount of money that we would be willing to spend on say buying a new cell phone plan.  Then what we are doing is that we are considering this amount of money to be say X and we want our cell phone plan which is either less or at least equal to this variable X.  So what this comes to show is that when we are making different types of strategic decisions, there could be a number of times as well as occasions when we have to consider different variables out there and also to look at how we might be able to solve those unknown quantities based on what has been given to us in the first place.

Answer 2

Algebraic expressions could be necessaary and useful to anybody involved in business. If you have made a product and go door to door selling it, you will most likely be using algebraic expressions. You know that your product costs $10, and you sold 30 today, so you made $300. Another example could be if you are at a casino playing roulette. If you bet $5 on a number in the middle, you use an expression to estimate how much money you will get if you win. 5 X 35 is $175