What do you find most difficult when factoring trinomials? Which methods of factoring do you find easiest to use (such as FOIL, grouping, ac method, etc.)? Explain.

I find grouping the trinomials is the most difficult part. We have to understand the variables involved in the equation, see what can be bundled together to create a simpler equation to work with, and find what method works best in this particular situation.

I cannot say that one method is easier than another because each method is used in a certain case. When we do grouping we have the alike terms on one side which makes it easier to continue factoring and find the result. And in case the grouping method does not do the job, then we can use FOIL method to solve the trinomials. Again, it all depends on what equation we have.

Answer 2

The ”ac” method for factoring trinomials is sort of dificult techniqu for me whereas FOIL grouping method is also quite easy and convenient and the other method which I use is using factoring to guess the last term is the method which can be used effectively for factoring trinomial