Factoring a small number, such as 36, may be pretty simple, but how might one go about factoring a larger number, such as 19,800?

Factoring a larger number seems to be difficult but can be easily possible by using various methods of mathematical calculation, like Trial division method Elliptic Curve Method and even the Number Field Sieve method which can be used conveniently and lastly the and if in a hurry you can use the factor table for the purpose which also proves to be fast and effective.

Answer 2

A number’s factors are numbers which multiply together to form it as a product. Another way of thinking of this is that every number is the product of multiple factors. Learning how to factor – that is, break up a number into its component factors – is an important mathematical skill that is used not only in basic arithmetic but also in algebra, calculus, and beyond. See Step 1 below to start learning how to factor!

When you multiply two negative numbers together, you get a positive number. That means both the positive and negative numbers are factors of 19,800.

1 x 19,800 = 19,800
-1 x -19,800 = 19,800