You are the CEO of a company that has to choose between making a $100 million investment in Russia or Poland. Both investments promise the same long-run return, so your choice is driven by risk considerations. Assess the various risks of doing business in each of these nations. Which investment would you favor and why?

As the known fact is that there is an unpredictable business environment in Russia alongside known issues including pay off. The defilement in the country prompts to various issues including non-straightforward and conflicting utilization of laws and controls with the feeble requirement of laws and court choices. So yes I even I agree that Poland can prove to be a better option to make $100 million consideration as there are even chances of many political issues within Russia.

Answer 2

Firstly if I was given 100 million dollars I wouldn’t invest in either country but if I had to choose one it would be Poland. The main question when it comes to investing or going in a new territory they all have regulations and steps you have to go over. Russia has some major issues especially with government and they take a lot of percentage of an outsider. Poland is a calmer newer market it’s easier to get in and the risk match the reward. A Businessman has to be risky sometimes but there is too many obstacles in Russia and that’s my main reason I would enter Poland.