You have reviewed the Ten Commandments for implementing change, from your perspective, how can an organization’s strengths and weaknesses be used in implementing change?

Ten Commandments for implementing change

Every Organization has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. The Ten Commandments for Implementing Change provide us the step by step guidance for bringing any change in the Organization. It is very crucial to first understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Organization by doing analysis like SWOT etc. Once we know the strengths and weaknesses of the Organization we should try to use these strengths and weaknesses for implementing the change.

Strengths of the Organization can be used to set an example before the public that the change is possible and attainable. Strengths give positive flow of energy in the Organization Environment and therefore, they should be used to motivate whenever time demands.

On the other hand weaknesses of the Organization should be used to keep a check on ill effects of the implementation of the change.

Generally, the strengths are useful motivators when the implementation is going on and there occurs some unexpected thing with needs courage to cross over. On the other hand weakness shall be used during the planning stage for implementation of change because at this stage it helps to plan in a more efficient and effective manner.