Are study groups a good idea? Why or why not?

Personally I think study groups are sometimes good sometimes bad. It depends on what you have to do, and who you do it with. I remember before in school when we had study groups, it all ended with no work done, but exactly the opposite, everybody talking about what they think is right, and getting to no result.

A study group can also be very effective because one student may forget some ideas or not know them, but by combining many people together, they can have better information about the subject and can solve a problem faster.

Answer 2

A study group I think is very good, student can share information and exchange ideas with classmates. If there is a project to be done, it is better to have many people work on it to achieve the goal better.

Study groups also make communication between members easier and make good team work. The key is to have people in your group that have the same motivation, because if one person does not want to work with the group, it can cause the whole group to fail.