Self-Regulation Process

  1. Is the amount of time you are spending on learning strategies enough?
  2. What learning strategies are working well?
  3. What learning strategies are not working well?
  4. What additional learning strategies, if any, are needed to stay on track toward your goal?
  5. How motivated are you to use the strategies you selected?
  6. How can you increase your motivation to help you engage in current or new strategies?
  7. Do you believe in your ability to use these strategies effectively?
  8. How can you increase your belief in yourself to use these strategies effectively?
  9. Would seeking help assist you in achieving your goal? If so, whom should you reach out to for help?


Self-Regulation Process

The amount of the time that I spend on the strategic learning is enough because I have scheduled my time according to my daily routine and spare maximum time for the learning of the different strategies. There are different learning strategies that are working well including the direct instruction, self-instruction and reciprocal instruction with the aid of different online sources, articles, and books.

The online aid from the different tutors helps to Among these learning strategies the reciprocal learning is not working well because reciprocal learning is an indirect form of learning that consumes enough time and consequences appear in the form of wastage of time and less learning. Sometimes additional strategies are required for achieving the specific goal. The additional strategies includes

For instance, one can take help of the different professionals in order to improve their communication and learning skills. The motivations of the professional also help to remain on track in order to reach the specific destination.

I am motivated enough to fulfill my goal, and I have already made a proper timetable for dealing with the things that I need to reach my destination.  I am very confident that by following the strategy of self-instruction will help me to follow the directed path toward my destination. Seeking help from the professional also help in achieving the goal.

I will seek help from the different professionals. After achieving my goal, the confidence level for me will increase.  In short, self-regulation process is one of the important aspects of achieving the goal of once life and different learning strategies help- to achieve the goal of life especially the self-instruction help me a lot.