• Define, describe and explain in your own words.
  • Why is it important to have qualities such as integrity, civility and ethics?
  • How would describe your personal code of ethics?
  • Are these qualities important for a successful career? Why?

Importance of qualities and Personal Code of Conduct

One cannot attain intelligence and achievements only from his/her internal will power. Everybody needs to interact with the people and environment for attaining his goals. The community and people shouldn’t be put behind the personal interest because they can support or put hurdles in the way to success. Integrity, civility, and ethics play important roles in developing and strengthening the relationships and commitment. Disrespectful behavior discourages others to support an individual in pursuing the initiatives and meetings challenges.

Integrity is the demonstration of values and rules, meeting the expectations, and bringing the same results on a consistent basis. It is the finest form of honesty. A person with this quality doesn’t pretend to be honest or make efforts to bring accuracy on his behavior as he possesses these qualities naturally. His behavior to others tends to be the same at every meeting. He willfully forms his words, communication, behavior, and actions as per his values. It is important for a person to have this quality to attain success in different aspects and phases of his life. When a person is committed to honesty, he puts forth his sincere efforts to meet the expectations of others or the situation. This single quality stimulates the demonstration of other values such as speaking the truth and be committed, and sincere to others.

An individual’s civility is the protection of his/her own identity, demands, and principles, and viewpoints without embarrassing others. With this quality, an individual disagrees with others without degrading them. This quality is important for an individual because it allows him to protect and present the values for respect. An individual can never be respected nor attain any support either in the workplace or in community with incivility. Civility makes others accept his polite and respectful arguments against their points. An employer with uncivil behavior experiences high employee turnover as compared to the one who holds civility because the former’s employees consider the workplace as antagonistic for them.

Ethics are the principles that clarify what is good (bad) and right (wrong). The importance of these principles can be assessed with certain facts such as no one likes a thief and no one trusts a liar. Ethics helps a person in developing a right course of action. It creates and maintains the credibility of an individual. When a person acts upon moral principles, he is respected by everyone. Holding moral values in each and every situation stimulates the integrity and civility as well. They help a person in taking rationalized decisions by considering the interest of each and every stakeholder, instead of emphasizing on his personal interests.

Personal Code of Ethics

My personal code of conduct is widely influenced by the teachings of my parents. My personal values are as follows:

Personal Integrity

I don’t change my behavior with the individuals on the basis of their social status or their importance in my goal achievement process. I don’t change myself for anyone. For example, if I attain a good job opportunity which ensures a promising career in the near future, I will never pursue it, if the employer wants me to attract clients by telling them attractive features of the policy where in reality the policy doesn’t have any such features. I always stay firm on my beliefs without taking their popularity into consideration. I make decisions on the basis of moral rules instead of potential conflicts.


I don’t let courtesy leave my behavior in my regular negotiations with others. In an aggressive mode, I don’t find it right and justified to put my frustration on the people. I always put a positive impression on others.


I always keep my promises and try my level best to meet others’ expectations. I value my commitments with everyone. I simultaneously perform several roles and duties to my family, employer, friends, and service providers. I always accept the ethical and practical aspects of these duties and ready to be answerable for my carelessness in meeting them.


I don’t hold biased attitude in treating others. They are treated on an equal scale. I take decisions on a fair basis. Without taking the side of the rich or strong party, I always support the party who is on right.

Qualities and Successful Career

Does an employee, ever get a good performance review from the peers, who shout on his peers due to his bad mood? Can a leader generate a collaborative working environment, when he doesn’t respect the views of others and offer constructive feedback on their performance? Can a service provider develop his credibility in the market by making wrong and misleading claims about his/her service? Certainly not. The success demands a person to hold moral values, be courteous to others, and always remain honest in his actions. An individual can never get professional success by adopting the partial treatment in dealing with others and taking organization’s interest ahead of the employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Holding open and honest behavior at work puts a positive impact on the employer and peers. The employers always seek to hire and keep honest people to ensure the security of their finance, assets, and confidential information. They don’t let the honest employees leave their organizations. Thus, they are promoted to higher positions to keep them engaged with the company. An individual always attains success in his career with an ability to meet and communicate with the customers and business partners in a pleasing mood, even when he is not feeling well or frustrated due to some personal reason. Moreover, the ethics encourage an individual to leave even the most promising employment opportunities which can be attained by leaking current employer’s confidential information. This act increases his respect in the organization and brightens his chances for success. Thus, these values ensure the professional success of an individual.