The selection of a proper site for a business facility is important in the production and operations management processes. Identify and discuss three factors that influence the selection of a site

The first thing to consider when selecting a location of a business site is the primary purpose of the site. Is it customer facing like a shop, or perhaps your organization’s Headquarters. The intent behind the site will be the most important factor in deciding location. Secondly, the laws of the government in control of whatever land you are considering for your site will impact you and your company now, and moving forward through the duration of your business presence; with this in mind it is imperative to do your research on both business policy and government legislature. Furthermore, it is not only necessary to discover the policies that are currently in place, it is important to also look at the stability of the country or government in question for the new site. If it is an international location, this element becomes increasingly more important. Finally, I think cost is and will always be one of the main determinants in any business decision. The company wants to find the space that will produce the greatest return, while also keeping the costs as minimal as possible.

Answer 2

Site selection is also one of those decisions that would need a lot of thought but also a lot of direct and indirect input from different important stakeholders from the firm.  Some of the vital criteria that should be used in assessing how or where site selection takes place can include (1) level of development and overall urbanization, (2) level of customer market and scope of it and (3) also ease with which the different product suppliers and distributors could be reached.  So this should be a site that is in close or proximate location to a developed market so all of the necessary logistical infrastructure is there.  But it also should be close to its customer segment so that the end products could be reached to these customers in a short time frame.  In addition to these factors, it also should be in close proximity for the different product suppliers as well as the product distributors to have access but also the necessary reach to this facility.  So I feel that these could be some of the top reasons that should be considered when selecting some new site.