You have reviewed the Ten Commandments for implementing change, from your perspective, how can an organization’s strengths and weaknesses be used in implementing change?

Ten Commandments for implementing change

After going over the Ten Commandments for implementing change, I feel that an organization can look at what its key strengths are and further take advantage for it to be able to become an even more competitive player in the larger market.  For example, if the firm has a very good online presence and a number of social media channels, then it could further put more of its content and information out there on them to be able to reach out to an even bigger customer base.  In addition to that, if the firm also has a big customer market, it could introduce a number of other production promotion, advertising and marketing strategies to be able to target that customer with a higher level of effectiveness.  At the same time, it would also be important for the firm to take a deep look at what its inherent weaknesses are.  For example if the firm doesn’t have a very good leadership structure in place, then that is something that it needs to work on and to be able to revamp it such as by bringing in great talent and transformation types of leaders.  These leaders can then help to set a strategic vision, mission and a direction for that firm.