You have reviewed the material and short video on information literacy. How will you use this knowledge to your benefit as a college student? When conducting research, what is your game plan to gather the needed information related to your topic(s)?

The video explains how we should view information and how to perceive it in an educated manner. It gives us steps to find and evaluate information and this can help us throughout college. When I pick a topic I first locate the information and determine if it’s a valid or credible source. I then evaluate and analyze the information to my preference after that I apply it and write about it. Research is done to learn and increase your knowledge on a topic I pick a topic and research point that will help me when I conduct a paper.

Answer 2

There indeed are a number of aspects that could be used from what was learned in the video and then apply it to my own college life.  I feel that one of the most important of these things is to ensure that we are able to have the right organization as well as time management skills.  What that comes to mean or imply is that the more organized yet time conscious we are, the easier but also more effective it becomes for us to manage the different goals and objectives we have to fulfill.  But at the same time, what I also came to learn is the relative importance of ensuring that we also are able to prioritize the different types of tasks and objectives that we have to fulfill in a timely manner.  This means that those goals or objectives that have a relatively high importance such as studying for a test should be given more time versus some other objective (such as going for grocery shopping). But what was also very important to learn here was this very notion of being on top of all of the academic work that has been assigned to us and ensuring that all of it also gets completed in the right time frame.  Hence, the important lesson here is to ensure that we have to keep learning new and varied types of information and knowledge but also to be very much organized yet focused in our lives. This is the same game plan that also applies when I am doing secondary research in terms of seeing what sources of information out there but also being able to spend quite some time on different secondary sources such as databases, books, magazines, scholarly journals and so forth.