Provide examples of the ways in which a U.S. advertiser is subject to more and less regulation when advertising abroad.

Each country carries its own culture and laws.

These laws defines and limits the social behavior and are proponents of social values.

In some countries sexually explicit content may be widely accepted, while in others, it may unlawful.

Also, language can be a barrier in certain situations as well.

Advertisers advertising abroad must take care of local laws. For example, a advertiser advertising marijuana based product in Philippines may face less legal complications than those it may face in US. Similarly, advertising using the prophets or religious places in UAE or Muslim countries may carry a harsher restrictions on the advertiser.

Answer 2

An advertiser from the United States may find many differences between making advertisements here and in other countries. Each country or region has its own culture and traditions, as well as laws and regulations. What is acceptable in the United States may not be acceptable outside, and the advertiser can even face legal issues on some matters. This even appears sometimes if the same advertising is made by a local may be taken different than if it is made by an outside company. There are religious advertisements that can be fine in the United States but not good in Arab countries for example. Or if a country is against alcohol, then we can’t promote any alcoholic products. Doing so, the person or company responsible for this may face serious charges and be prosecuted. The United States has the freedom of speech and expressing ideas, and it is a democratic country, but there are a lot of other countries that do not have the same privileges, so advertising there has to be different and according to their laws of what is acceptable.