If you petition for a Section 301 action, do you think the USTR will begin an investigation? What political factors in the United States might affect the USTR’s decision to investigate? What is the attitude of the current U.S. administration toward the use of Section 301? 

The political factors which directly affect the USTR decision include the pressure exalted by private sector actors agreed with the economic downturn, and the understandings of the US government that came with it. Additionally, the USTR decision should enjoyed the positive trade balances and significant exports that were mainly US based, so these sections were well modeled to have a significant domestic influence (Schaffer, Agusti, & Dhooge, 2015). This Company can effectively leverage their dominant market situations to enterprise trade-related issues and inspire policymakers at the highly powerful US executive branch to have economic power away on their behalf. This US Company was in its despair at its apparent demise, all too willing to act, by whatever means necessary.

Section 301 is basically used in acquiring changes in the international laws is immense when exercised against ELDCs (Schaffer, Agusti, & Dhooge, 2015). Different countries are often at the economical sympathy of economically more advanced countries, particularly the US as it has an enormous import market. They have no special but allow to US anxieties in two-sided trade agreements and autonomous US action.