Write a 3-4 page paper on what you have learned about yourself, include critical thinking, studying techniques, goal making, exploring research, stress management, self-reflection, and making good academic, career, and financial decisions.  Also, provide a critique on how you will use all of these student success strategies to be successful throughout the rest of your program.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an important criterion to gain valuable theoretical and practical knowledge respectively. Moreover, adequate critical thinking process will help me to analyze and evaluate different complex subject matters during my studies, which will assist me to ensure a good academic career (Dent, 2015). Moreover, this is also essential to state that my interpersonal skills, such as social interaction, extroversion and effective communication approach will assist me in critical thinking process.

Studying Techniques

I used to believe in two types of techniques in my studies, such as individual studies and group studies. In college and coaching sessions, I usually prefer group studying as it helps me to enhance adequate knowledge management aspect and interact with friends and teachers quite significantly (Fink, 2013). Moreover, during night I used to get engaged with individual studying approach. The involvement in good studies helps me in better understanding of the subject matters.

Goals making

Goal making is an important thing for me as I believe in the positive impact of individual goal making on my personal as well as professional career growth. However, I have divided my goal setting process into two different segments, such as short term goals and long term goals (Bunderson and Boumgarden, 2016). According to me, my short term goals will be last for next 48 months. On the other hand, I would like to achieve my long term goals in the next 8-10 years. My short term goal is to complete my business management studies successfully with distinction grades. On the other hand, my long term goal will be to become a successful entrepreneur and owner of my own advertising company.

Exploring Research

In terms of the exploration of the research, I will try to focus on the consideration of both primary and secondary research for better grades in my studies. Internet surfing as well as book and journal references will help me to gain knowledgeable secondary information and effective social interaction will assist me to gain valuable knowledge over subject matters through the adequate primary research activities.

Stress Management

Stress management is an important thing to establish a successful professional and personal career. It is true that I am flexible enough and I have good social interaction skills, which will assist me to cope-up with the critical stress related challenges. I always feel stressed during long study hours (Brandler r and Roman, 2 015). However, I used to play games, listen to music and passion for reading story books generally helps me to manage with stress.

Self Reflection

Self-reflection is very important for me. I always try to learn from different real life situations. I used to gain valuable knowledge from the surrounded happenings in my daily life and I reflect on those quite often to solve problems in daily life. First of all, it is essential for me to accept that I want to become a success

Good Academic Career

I have understood the requirement for my good academic career as it will assist me to ensure effective career development process. Good academic career will help me to gain effective e job opportunities from the leading and prestigious firms across the world. Moreover, this is also important for me to ensure adequate social recognition from colleagues, family members as well as community members. Lastly, this is also essential for me to consider some effective professional skill development process, which I think the good academic career will help me to do so.

Financial Decisions

Financial decisions are also important for me as I belong to a middle class family with moderate disposable income of family members. Hence, it is an important aspect for me to consider maintaining a sustainable academic career. I used to give coaching to the children in my community, which helps me to earn my pocket money. It generally helps me to continue with my studies effectively.

Critique on the Use of These Strategies

The above mentioned goal setting, self-reflection as well as critical thinking strategies will help me to focus on some important strategic approaches to earn good grades in my academic. I have an aim of becoming a successful entrepreneur in next 10 years down the line. Therefore, it is highly essential for me to reflect on these mentioned strategies as two types of goals setting, critical thinking about practical and theoretical knowledge and effective flexibility personality trait will assist me to ensure a good academic career in the business management studies (Bowman et al., 2016).