What can you do as the leader of a successful business when you feel a stronger need for change than the rest of the organization? Consider the actions that you would take and provide your reasoning and examples for each. How can you establish a sense of urgency throughout the organization? 

Leader of a successful business

What I can do as a leader of a successful business who feels there is a need of change than the rest of the organization will be to ensure that I come up with laid down strategies. This will be on how I am going to convince the entire organization to look at what I am up with critically and see the essence of change like I am doing. This might be tough, but it will take some real time to convince them, I will need to start with a section of the organization that I feel will listen to my sentiments and compare the degree of our success to our competitors and try come up with ideas of beating them and becoming more successful. An example is say advertise our goods and services more uniquely compared to how they do it since this will make us beat them in the market (Harding, 2010).

In addition, the second action is making the fellow colleagues feel appreciated, and this will take place by promoting some of them or rather increasing the salaries of the ones who do very well in their places of work. An example is by doing that to a good number of them that will keep the daily business operations taking another turn since everybody will be aiming at appreciations.

Furthermore, as a leader i can be the advocate of change and don’t let the change initiative die. Make people understand the need of change logically and solve each of their queries with utmost care. Also it is important to be as a leader the role model to establish consistency between words and action. I can be the decision maker-take decision in favor of factors/actions that support change.

Furthermore, I can motivate employees by means of rewards as well mental boost. Show them the fruits rather than the sufferings to get the fruit. Also, I can be the enforcer. Do not allow people to get away by not changing, try to understand the underlying reasons for not changing and throw away the obstacles. Follow through on delivering consequences when people don’t do their part. The Enforcer is exacting and fair.

Among the examples of change and the subsequent action by a leader is to make a change by putting a starting night shift in a service organization where it was not existing. In addition, I can make people understand why night shift is required. That would required me to tell them about the service expectations from customers 24/7 as well as arrange a meeting and convey. I would need to observe employees, ask suggestions about requirements. Also we have to reward those suggestions that are necessary to operate at night. I will communicate day to day performance with each over mail and praise the one with high performance and I will motivate them by telling them about night shift allowance, also show them the possibility to lead or manage a change if they perform well. However, I am aware that some employees will disagree even after motivating- so enforce by making rules and keep employees on rotational basis.

A sense of urgency can only be create by acting proactive, being the role model and making all understand the importance of the change. A sense of urgency is knowing that thing you want and going for it regardless of what people say or think about you; it is the act of working with a lot of energy and passion towards your dreams. To establish a sense of urgency in your organization, it will mean that you up your strategies as a leader and be very strict in the workplace to see them implemented. Secondly is to ensure that every person is alert and brave nevertheless stress-free as this will also provide a sense of urgency. The third action is to have a keen look at the downfalls or rather the negativities and remove them with immediate effect to create room for a sense of urgency. The fourth factor to ensure a sense of urgency is to make sure that every work done have their span of limits and the must be met in the prescribed time span and so the sense of urgency (Marshall, 2007).  The fifth action to be considered is to shorten the time spent in meetings, be direct to the point and ensure that the entire staff is well informed of the agenda of the meeting; this will also provide a sense of urgency. The sixth actions to be considered is to ensure you get to the point as fast as possible and make every party well conversant with it within the shortest time possible, and you encourage the fellow colleagues to embrace the same, this will see a sense of urgency in the organization’s proceedings. Another essential action is to ensure that the entire colleagues senses are with you, and they are involved and into the proceedings, they should not only be reading the final reports but also participate in coming up with the new ideas that will help see a sense of urgency reached. It ultimately takes a leader to be very strict, alert, brave, and sincere to him to make sure the dream of the organization is finally arrived at.