It’s no secret that big economies poised for rapid growth need robust infrastructure. More factories will lap up more electricity from power stations. The goods they churn out will need to be shipped through a wider network of roads, railways, ports, and airports. Since, this need is especially acute in India, where infrastructure development has lagged woefully behind that of the economy. They need better roads and railways, nuclear power plants and wind farms to meet their sustainable energy needs, schools and hospitals. Growing cities with global aspirations cannot run without power, clean water, telecommunications, and efficient public transport such as metro systems and buses to service burgeoning urban populations. As the infrastructure challenge won’t be solved overnight, but the national infrastructure plan is an important step in the right direction. So keeping this in mind adequate investments should be done infrastructure for the long term future development. As the availability of good infrastructure promotes nation in the way of development. Hence, by this the life of the government will be more as the citizens have trust that, government will improve the status of the nation by many development works. So that, more investment in infrastructure is most necessary for the improvement of the government status with long term-sustainable development.