Implementation is the ‘how’ of the change process. How to get an organization to change entails choosing among a range of techniques, most of which are familiar and used for other purposes: speeches, seminars, off-sites, training, newsletters, etc… If you were attempting to create a significant change within your organization, how would you go about doing it? What would the change be and what action steps would you take to reach your goals?

I would start a newsletter via email with the information on the specific place we want to help and we would create one day in the year called “Day of giving”, on this day every employee of the organization from high management to the junior positions will present to a public school for example and will help with activities like painting the walls, cleaning the garbage, cleaning the desks and the overall structure of the school so that the children who go there (usually children of poor families) will have a better place to study.

Answer 2

If I had to go about bringing or instituting some type of a large scale change in the organization, I feel that the first and foremost step that I would be do is to sort of inform all of the employees at all levels of the firm about this change that is about to take place.  For example, if the firm is about to bring in some new type of a data processing system, then this is considered to be a rather big change as many employees might not be familiar with it.  Therefore, the goal here would be to bring all the employees together such as by maybe having a face to face meeting, see what their input is regarding the change that is about to take place and based on that, set the future tentative timetable in terms of when such change might be done.  In addition to that, what I might also do here would be to send out frequent emails to the emails informing them or more like keeping up updated about any sort of incremental or one time change that is taking place, the strategic benefits of such change but also seeking direct insight and feedback from the employees regarding the proposed change itself.