Identify three situations where the measured output of a process has a small variation and three situations where the variation is larger (for instance, the time for a phone call to ring the other phone versus the time to speak to a person when making a service call).

Answer 1: Outputs with large variation:

Price of commodity between two distant periods of time, like years.

Means of transportation with a difference of 30 years.

Cost of living between 1960 and 2000.

Outputs with small variation:

Change in temperature in the tropics.

Sending an email.

Price of living in a short period of time, like a week.

Answer 2:
Situations with an output with small variations:

Price of a house in a short period, two days for example.

Sending a text message

Cost of living in one week.

Situations with an output with large variations:

Cost of living in 50 years

Sending regular mail

Price of commodity between 1950 and 2017