Do goods and technology have “nationality”? What is meant by this statement? Do you think that a nation’s laws should apply to its goods and technology after they have left the territory of that nation? What principles of international law permit a nation to extend its jurisdiction over goods and technology that originated there? Can you make arguments for or against the extra territorial application of export control laws? Does this differ from the extraterritorial application of antitrust law or laws against bribery of foreign government officials?  

Do goods and technology have “nationality”?

The U.S government has recently executed new export license laws, which reinforce occupational training and increase elements of elasticity to the French market. Struggles are under way to streamline French tax and labor laws and managerial measures. The EAR license necessities relate to the assignment of measured technology for development, production, and use of robotic equipment (Schaffer, Agusti, & Dhooge, 2015). The legal and regulatory environment is comparatively apparent and constant. In 2016, the French government sustained to present new measures to encourage growth and investment as well.  Many of these types selling networks have extremely well organized buying workplaces that have put in residence very severe selection processes for new suppliers and goods and services dispersed. Excessive retail mark-up, enduring competitive market innovation and originality collective with a continuously varying refrain designs attitude are prerequisites to keep up with trade trends.