Why is it a good idea to read the chapter before class and what type of note-taking strategies do you use?

It is always good to have a small idea about the material before going to class, this way the student will not feel lost and have to think about everything being said.

Every new information we have to process, takes a part of our concentration, so if we have to concentrate about an idea that passed which is completely new to us, a person might not understand what goes next during the class.

Note-taking I usually use something to write down what I did not understand or if something is more important than other, this way I can focus on it next time.

Answer 2

I take notes of important things that I have to search or read about more for next time. I can’t write the whole class but I can put down notes or short phrases that will help me remember what I need to look for.

It is always more effective if anybody goes to class who knows something about the subject or next lecture, this way he will be able to know what is happening more quickly and will not lose focus to think and remember every idea.

It is also a good way for sharing and communication and to see if there are any questions.