How would describe your personal code of ethics?

  • Are these qualities important for a successful career? Why?

    Personal Code of Ethics – Buddha’s Golden Rule

    “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.” So says Buddha. So says Gandhi. So says Jesus Christ. In my opinion, ethics is already there. In fact, it is strongly fused in our genes, as we have souls and conscience, but respecting them, upholding them, is another story. If you respect me, I will respect you, regardless of your age, race, gender, or any social identity that divides people. I also believe that what you take, you must give back, be it people, animals, or the environment. If we harness wind for energy, we must take care of our air and stop polluting it. If we cut trees, we must plant ten times the number of logs we harvested. My personal code of ethics is not limited by what I must do towards other people, but all creatures and elements in this world – living, non-living, and those that do not talk, but feels and gives, such as the oceans, forests, rocks and trees.

    Furthermore, the lawis the law and no one should be above it. If it is disobeyed or evaded through loopholes, then that code is no law but just a load of rubbish.

    The Three Virtues and Success

    Ethics, integrity and civility, as have been mentioned in the first main heading, are the virtues that keep society and people together in peace and orderliness. A society that has peace and order provides smooth transition of things, be it in economy, politics, or institutional involvement, and thus ensure at the greatest possibility successes in such endeavors. For instance, a country run by respectful and ethical leaders, whose integral purpose is for the good of the masses/citizens, is peaceful, rich, and in every sense of the word, successful.

    In the area of work on the other hand, the three virtues are prerequisites to effective leadership (Entrekin and Scott-Ladd, 2014). Leaders, who practice ethical solutions to problems, are honest and respectful in their job and towards their subordinates, and obedient and unwavering in the laws and rules of the company and the standards of corporate responsibility, are highly esteemed and looked up to as role models that will inspire the younger and future generations. If leaders like this survive each generation, then every year or decade or millennia, society will be in the pinnacle of success. It must be remembered that future leaders are the life and blood of the world in the next generations. Lack of it can spell doom to the sustainability of this world and our survival.In a short-term scenario, these virtues ensure the good to best performance of employees, and eventual success of the company.