What is a cross-functional, self-managed team? Who would serve on such teams? Why do cross-functional, self-managed teams often lead to networking?

Cross-functional and self-managed team

Cross Functional Team brings together Employees from different areas together like Marketing, Finance, Research, etc. for achieving a common goal. The self-managed team is generally made up of a group of people who usually work without little or no supervision from any manager. This team manages all process of project development by itself. The Project Manager would lead Cross Functional teams.

As in self-managed team, there is little supervision. Therefore teams would have a set of rules in which all team members would agree. Therefore, these teams are led by a set of rules. As both the cross-functional and self – managed teams are made up of a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal. Therefore, the group of people needs to communicate with each other. That’s why these teams lead to networking.