• What changes do you think you will personally need to make sure you stay current with technology?
  • How will you make use of the resources given to you as a student (Ebscohost, Smarthinking)?

    The Use of Technology in Education

    The growth and development in education is marked by a considerable growth in technology, with the two going and in hand in a complementary way. As education evolves, so does the use of technology in making learning easier and more effective than it used to be. As a student, technology is meant to assist me learn even better and more easily hence its usage is an important factor to my success as a student. This paper highlights the changes the changes I may need to make personally in order to stay ahead in technology usage. In addition, the paper looks at how I will be able to make use of the resources that have been availed to me in order to excel as a student.

    In order to stay ahead of technology there are a number of things that I will need to do. Firstly, I will need to be on the forefront in updating myself with skills that are necessary for a good interaction with the technological platforms available to me. Some of the skills I may need include web searching, data mining and analytical skills among others. Such skills are important in both accessing and making use of technological content such as educational websites and online learning platforms.

    Secondly, I will also need to be acquainted with different technological gadgets that are useful in accessing technologically based content. Such gadgets include the computer and smartphones. Such gadgets are well enhanced and their workability is in a way that is user friendly. However, for optimal usage, I will be required to be up to date with the new developments in such gadgets in terms of upgrades, new versions and enhancements in their capabilities and compatibility with the different programs upon which educational content is set up. This is guided by the fact that technology today will definitely differ from the technology of tomorrow.

    Thirdly, I will endeavor to seek help and guidance from my instructors and colleagues who are better placed to assist in using technological approach towards learning. I believe that the way to grow and develop is by borrowing and sharing workable ideas with people who are around. This will help in fast tracking my learning progress as I will avoid to a larger extent wasting time by being stuck on technologically based challenges.

    In addition to the above, I will be able to make use of available technological platforms such as EBCOHOST and SMARTTHIKING in different ways. Firstly, such platforms offer a wide range of data and sources that are essential for use in research and studying. Whenever I find a research item to work on, such systems will always come in handy in guiding me on which source I can get access to that is relevant to the research question I am having, As such, I will ensure I have access to such databases and navigate through to learn on how best I can make use of them.  I will make use of the search criteria available in addition to reading the user guidelines in addition to seeking for help from the technical support team.

    Secondly such technological platforms will be useful in directing towards which researches and approaches to learning are the most appropriate and up to date. This will be helpful in addressing my learning needs effectively. For instance, I will be able to save time, searching while searching for the most current and relevant sources to assist in my studies contrary to what could have been the case if I were to go searching for the same information in the local school library.

    In addition to the above, educational technology will be useful in helping save time and at the same time offer flexibility to my schedules. For instance, with such technology, I am able to work on my assignments easily while at home and I do not require a full time access to the physical library, classes and even full time face to face interaction with my tutors in order to work effectively on my academic work.