Case Study: Glasner Machine Works Solved


Question 1

            Primary issue is the more number of defects in the production with the increase in the variety of products. Defects were mainly associated with manufacturing line of 107B. This manufacturing lien produces parts for a Japanese automobile. Japanese firm was initially pleased with the performance of Glaser but soon it realized more number of defects in the products.

Question 2

Multiple regressions are the appropriate statistical model for the case, as it is analyzed by the study and the given data, the model, in this way, find out the values of a variable and also focus on the significance and insignificance of the data.      

Question 3

            Through using the values of overtime hours, all data of the company and supervisor training the regression model can be evaluated.

Question 4

For analyzing the progress of the company, it is important to focus on the entire variable as the supervisor training and shifts which also include over time can find out the different variables.

Question 5
The progress of Glaser machine work, which works at 107 B, can be explained by the regression model as includes the variable of overtime and the progress.

Question 6

Considering the analysis, the overtime hours are the most significant variable.

Question 7

            For the production of the reliable products, the Glaser machine is considered important. To provide the improved quality, the lean manufacturing is purchased. The numbers of defects are known by the managers and there is the focus on fulfilling the demands of consumers and workers.