What are the benefits of setting short-and long-term goals?

It is important to have goals in life, and setting them in an organized manner is what helps us achieve them better and faster. Short term goals are between the long term goals.

A person can’t jump from one big goal to another, he has to have these stages in between. When you set them and plan your actions, this gives motivation to achieve more and get there faster. It can help in life and in work too. Everybody has to write their goals and achieve them one by one.

Answer 2

Short and long term goals always help us remember where we are going in life or career. Every person has them, but not every person has them on paper and looks at them from time to time.

Short term goals are basically the steps that we take to achieve the long term goals. They come between one long term goal and another. When we set these goals, it means we have a plan that we want to accomplish sooner or later.