Recommendation Report Sample: Student Attendance System

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Introduction. 3

History. 3

Problem: Student Attendance Issue at Class. 4

Possible Solutions. 4

Class Attendance register/documentation. 4

Online Attendance System.. 5

Fingerprint attendance system.. 5

Recommendation. 5

Conclusion. 6

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The College of the North Atlantic Qatar is one of the best institution that is offering modern education to students from all backgrounds. The college offers education in diverse fields especially in the field of business administration. I have been in this college for quite some time and I have noticed that all the teachers try their best to provide quality education to the students so that they can benefit from it and architect their future in the best way possible. There are many brilliant students who are part of the college and have been observed to get great grades and participate in all their classes and other activities. The overall environment of the college I best for education. Having said that, I have a discouraging observation to make. There are some students that I have observed to be out of the class when they should be inside the class. There are some ways introduced in the college to deal with the situation but they are based some ways that the students can bypass. With this report I would like to make some recommendation that will encourage the students to come to class. This will provide the college an opportunity to place some checks to ensure that the students are in the class and cannot fake their attendance.


The college of the North Atlantic Qatar has been an extra ordinary addition to the education system of Qatar. The college has been a source of providing great leadership skills to the youth of the country. The college comprises of many departments including health sciences, information technology, engineering technology, business studied and banking and finance (“CNA-Q Fast Facts”).  The college has a staff of more than 650 and there are more than 4600 students currently enrolled in the college to get a quality education. The strategic plan of the college for 2011-2016 is clear about the mission of the college, which is to create a future where the Qatar society has the opportunity to learn, work and grow (“CNA-Q Fast Facts”).

Problem: Student Attendance Issue at Class

It has come under my observation that there are some students who do not come to the class on time or they don’t come to the class at all. These students have found the ways to fake their attendance. There are also some cases that these students come to the class and make lame excuses which are accepted by the teacher. I believe that the administration has a role to play in this situation to stop the students from coming late to the class. The school administration also need to stop these students from getting their lame excuses accepted. I believe that it is unjust with those students who are punctual in the class. Also if the students who do not take interest in the class are somehow influenced to come to the class, it will be in their best interest. Therefore, in this report I will be making some proposals and then provide my recommendation to resolve the issue.

Possible Solutions

I believe that there are some solutions to address this issue. I will discuss the pros and cons of these plausible solution in the coming discussion of this report.

Class Attendance register/documentation

This is the method that has already been used. The problem that is with this method is that students can make excuses and the teachers are sometimes lineament in their behavior and allow them to miss class and provide them with leave. There are also cases when students are late and they are marked present. There has also been cases when the school administration does not have the time to check each and every attendance register.

Online Attendance System

This form of attendance have proven to be effective in many cases but there are also cases when students can allow others to use their logins and mark them present during the class they never participated in. I do not think that this is the choice that will work with the students who already decide to find ways to miss their classes.

Fingerprint attendance system

This is a new technology and has been used at educational institutions and offices in the recent times. The system can be we enabled and also used on the local computer network (Srinidhi and Roy, 2015). The students can provide their biometric identification when they come and leave the class.


I would like to highly recommend that the school administration installs the fingerprint attendance system at each class. There are also other biometric identification systems available in the market but after a comparison I made (“Biometrics / Advantages and Disadvantages of Technologies”), that can also be seen in the Appendix A, I would strongly recommend that the college installs the finger print technology instead of facial or retinal identification systems. There is a zero probability that a student can fake his/her attendance with this technology. The students will provide attendance at the start of the class and when the class ends. There would be automatic attendance reports generated and the administration can easily access them with one click on their computer. The teachers will no longer have to listen to the lame excuses of the students and the whole class can focus on only studies without wasting time on listening to these excuses.


I would like to conclude my discussion by stressing the need for a proper attendance system. This is beneficial for both the students and the teachers. This will also provide the administration to have timely report of the students in regards to their interest in the classes. The overall college environment will benefit from the proposed system. In my report I was able to identify the reasons why we should prefer the fingerprint technology over other alternatives. I hope that the report can be helpful in contributing to elevate the educational system of the college.



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Appendix A