What is the reason to conduct so many reviews (Storyboard, Pink team and etc.)?

The main purpose of a proposal is to get a competitive advantage and win a bid. If the proposal is not effective enough, there is a risk to fall behind other competitive bidders (Osborne, 2011, p. 295). The basic reasons to conduct proposal reviews during the development phase is to assess what has been accomplished. Timely reviews of the proposal will allow us to know if the proposal is answering the needs and requirements in the Request for Proposal (RFP). Also we want to know if the strategy used by our firm to apply for the bidding is effective or it needs improvements. Timely reviews also inform us about the quality of the actual text document and if it is organized in a manner which is free of errors or not (Osborne, 2011, p. 295).

There are probably going to be room for improvement. When effective proposal reviews are carried out, we will be in a better position to know about these short-comings and find solutions.