Your proposal has a story to tell – how do you incorporate this into your bid ?


Incorporating story into your bid

In my opinion the very nature of a proposal is a story telling where you want to convince the reader that you have a better story than your competitors for a bid. Whenever I have to make a proposal, I would make sure that the story that I am telling has proper terms that are meaningfully understood by the readers. I would make the story a compelling one that appeals to the needs and requirements of the people who are accepting bids.

As we know that each story has characters, in my case I would identify about which characters I want to use i.e. a variety of experts and other human resources that would carry on the project once the bid has been granted to me. I would explain the whole life of the project in a manner that it has a logical progress and a happy ending that suits the requirements of the proposed project. Different milestones will be explained in a manner that they are the fundamental parts of the story and they are