Case Study: You want to put that where?

1) How could this approach be used to help choose locations for new wind farms?  What primary constraints would have to be changed?  What could stay essentially the same?

In my opinion this approach can definitely be used to choose locations for new wind farms. GIS can be utilized to map a specific area and then decide, based on primary constraints specific to wind farms, where to locate them.

In my opinion the distance between the wind farms may not be the same as poultry farms. The constraint about the location somewhere else than an urban area can be kept essentially the same. Wind farms should not be near residential areas as they require to be in windy areas.


2)  When considering where to locate public resources such as power plants, prisons, and public schools, who should have say in defining the primary constraints for choosing the location?

In my opinion all the stake holders that include the government authorities, the contractors, the general public and any other relevant people should have a say in defining the primary constraints. It should be a product of collective wisdom.