Yinscape and Yangsearch: Vision Speech


Before I write the vision speech, it is important to provide the background and the context of the case study (Jick, and Maury, 2011) in which the speech needs to be delivered. Yinscape and Yangsearcg are two online companies providing different services to their clients. Both these companies are going to merge and become a part of the same umbrella. This is seen as a good sign by many but there are some people in both the companies who have their doubts in their minds about the merger. This vision speech is going to be delivered by one of the CEO. A vision speech is an important factor in motivating the employees towards the achievement of a common organizational goals. This speech is primarily aimed at persuading the employees from both the companies to start to work together and find the common goal of progress and prosperity in collaborating with one another. Following is the speech.

The Vision Speech

I would like to warmly welcome you all to this prestigious meeting after the official merger of the two companies. Before I go into the details of the merger and a vision of a way forward, I must confess that I am extremely happy to be leading a great team of people from diverse cultures coming together and exploring and achieving a common goal. Research also suggests that cultural diversity is a key to organization success on an international level (Cox, 1994). So I hope that well all would be able to try and understand one another personally with respect for each other’s cultural and religious backgrounds while we move forward together.

Before we were one company, we had a different client base and different missions and organizational goals. But at present, when the two companies have merged, we must act on a common mission and work to achieve collective organizational goals. I believe that this merger would make us stronger to meet challenges from the competitive market as we now have a collection of multiple experiences brought together to one organizational team. We must all strive to let others take advantage of our professional experience and help one another any way possible.

We all know that Yangsearch has an extensive experience in the American market while Yinscape has experience of the Indian market. These two companies possess large amount of customers from different countries and cultures. We must aim to use the existence client base of each company and try our best to increase the client base by sharing the specific experience with clients from different cultures. Each company can help the other company understand the needs and requirements of their clients and let them have the opportunity to reach out to these clients with their specialized services.

We must be aware that both Yinscape and Yangsearch are companies with a great number of employees working for them. Yinscape currently employs 250 people while Yangsearch has 400 employs. This is a great number of workforce combined. We are going to face while managing both these companies as one company was previously run via centralized management while other was run via a decentralized management structure. There are going to be tough decisions made regarding a combined organizational management structure to effectively manage both the companies under one umbrella. I hope that we are all aware that tough decisions would need a certain amount of sacrifice on the part of each member of the companies including the top management. For example we might need to work on developing working hour structure that can bring both these companies close. We currently are working in different time zones which would pose problems in collaboration among employees and top management at both companies. I am sure that we can hand all these issues together and help each other out. We might need to adopt to flexible working hours that would make the employees chose their working hours more efficiently keeping the time zones of each company in mind.

As I said earlier, both of these companies have a diverse client base. There would be a need to reach out to both the client bases effectively. I would request the marketing departments of both companies to come closer and devise marketing strategies that would retain the present clients and reach out to potential clients.

I know that merger is not an easy step to successfully take place. I need to emphasize again that this merger can be a source of success and finding a new horizon for both the companies and its employs, but if the merger is not effectively handled, it could be disastrous for the both firms and its employs. What would make a huge difference is our willingness to help one another and both the companies successfully merge with each other and move forward together. We have been number two in our respective markets. Don’t you think that it has been a long time we have been on the second position? Don’t you think that we deserve the number one spot? I believe that it’s time to move to the number one spot. The key to number one spot remains in understanding the merger and using it as a source of progress not regression. So, we must keep our personal prejudices aside and accept the merger from our hearts.

Thank you for coming to attend this meeting and best wishes for the future.