Could Truman have made another decision? Should he have made another decision?

I think that we cannot comprehend the situations that were present in 1945, sitting in 2016. The new world that we see today was in the forming. The standards of international relations and wars were not applicable at that time. Was the decision to drop the bombs by Truman able to stop the war, I think yes. Was there any other alternative? I don’t think so. We have to think from the point of view of a country fighting a war and the people expecting a victory at any cost. America was in an alliance with many world countries and was playing a leading role. It had responsibilities to protect the lives of the people with which it was in alliance. Ideally speaking, Truman should have had made a better decision. But the reality is that this was the right decision at that time. We cannot ignore the attacks on Pearl Harbor had already provoked the American nation. We have to think critically here. What is the ultimate end of a war? It obviously is a win for one country and loss for another country. Of course the win does not have to be a military win but the World War II was different. It was such a complex war and it has so many participants that a non-military win would have been impossible. That is why I think, for a military win, Truman did not have another option and given the circumstance that existed then, he made the right decision. My opinion about that kind of decision during the current age is totally opposed to that. I think that humans have better evolved now and can make much better decisions today that they did at that time.