SuperBowl 2017 Commercials

Commercial I liked

Title: Budweiser 2017 Super Bowl Commercial | “Born The Hard Way”

The commercial is about one of the founder of Budweiser, Adolphus Busch who immigrated to America from Germany. In the commercial, it is shown that Busch immigrates to America and finds an unwelcoming environment for foreigners with some people chanting, “Go back to your country”. Busch goes through all the hardships and finally accomplishes his dream of being the owner of a beer, Budweiser.

The commercial is a great publicity stunt in my opinion. It emphasizes the phenomenon of the American Dream and the especially the role immigrants have played in making America great. The commercial has a great emotional appeal. It keeps the audience attached to it since the start till it ends. It also has depicted the history of America in a profound manner. I think that entrepreneurs can learn from the commercial a lot about consistency and following their dreams irrespective of the hardships they face.

In my opinion, in the current political situation of the country, where we have two marginalized views about immigrants to America where one groups thinks that they should be welcomed while other thinks that immigrants should be completely banned, the commercial would have a good effect in bringing both opinions to a common ground. Especially, those who think that immigrants bring nothing but trouble, would be positively affected by the commercial as they would come to know that immigrants with great ideas and an American Dream can contribute to the economic and social fabric of the country if provided with the opportunities that exist inside America.

Commercial I didn’t understand

Title: 84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial – The Journey Begins


The commercial I based on a journey by a women and a girl who in my opinion is her daughter. They first see some photos and then start a journey that is full of hardships and problems. At the end of the commercial, the two travelers do not reach a specific destination, instead the commercial suggests to go to a website to see the conclusion of the journey.

The main issue, in my opinion, about the commercial is that the aim or purpose of the commercial is confusing. I have been thinking that the commercial may be about Mexicans trying to cross border to America. I am not sure about it. As we know that Superbowl commercial spots are really expensive. These commercial demand from the marketer to give a message to their audience to its viewers in a short period of time. The messages has to be clear enough so that it is clearly understood by the audience and it is worth the money spent on the televised spot for it. In the case of the 84 Lumber commercial, unfortunately the message is not loud and clear. Some people might think of the commercial as promoting illegal immigration, which by the way is the impression I got. This perception would not help the marketers attract many consumers. In fact many consumers would not feel comfortable with it and avoid the product or services the commercial is offering.

The commercial has provided a website link to visit at the end of the commercial to know the conclusion. But would someone, who didn’t like or understand the commercial visit the link. I don’t think so.